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At STEMBeez, we are dedicated to providing active learning to all of our students. Providing different activities within the STEM fields provide a well rounded and fun curriculum.

STEMBeez is a community of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, astrologists, physicists, and all STEM professionals looking to help mold the next generation. We want to empower, grow, mentor, and attract the younger generation to STEM fields. Our mission is to “pollinate the world with STEM; educating one child at a time.” We promote problem solving, peer collaboration, and creativity, all while exposing them to the STEM field. It is an interactive, dynamic, and fun atmosphere for all involved.

Pollinate the world with STEM; educating one child at a time.


A little recap of STEM Camp 2019 and STEM Day 2020. 

Thank you for all that participated and all our local community businesses that made this possible. 

STEMBeez Online Summer Camp

How it works

Sign up for FREE

Sign up for FREE

In response to COVID-19, this year we are offering a FREE SIX weeks online STEMBeez Camp.

Focus on Education

Focus on Education

Science base curriculum that covers all STEM Fields

Ship materials

Ship materials

All materials for the program will be provided and ship directly to you.

STEMBeez Online



Hands-on labs will occur bi weekly with a live professor.

Parents choose the time block for their child to participate in.

The course is Six weeks from June 15th-July 20th. 


  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Environmental science
  • Chemistry
  • Technology
  • Astronomy

All topics will have hands on learning activities with a Live professor 

time blocks

Monday and Wednesday 10AM-11:30AM

Monday and Wednesday 1PM-2:30PM

Tuesday and Thursday 10AM-11:30AM

Tuesday and Thursday 1PM-2:30PM

One topic will be covered each week.

Age ranges

This Camp is for ages 

9 to 14 years old

There will be a mandatory parent orientation the week of June 8th.

This will be an introduction to the professors and the STEMBeez board. 

Details will be provided after sign up.

Online STEM CAmp 2020

registration closed

Stay tune for next year!


Camp 2020 Community Partners

Meet Our Teachers

Shari Campbell

Co-Founder STEMBeez Chemistry

Kayleigh Ragan-Edwards


Jonelle Orridge

STEMBeez Board member         


Jared Doyle


Alex Martin

Astronomy and Physics  

Jamey Kahl


Dawn Lopez


Janne T. Nielsen


Diana Graise


Kirstin Holm


Interested in being a Teacher?


what is the age range for online camp?

Ages from 9 to 14 years old

What's in the box?

We will provide and ship all materials that the kids will need for the Online Camp.  

Do parents need to be present?

We encourage it but it’s not mandatory. We do suggest parents to check in on the student.

is there a cost?

All materials and sign ups are free for this year’s summer camp

how many weeks for the online camp?

6 weeks starting from June 15th to July 20th. There will be a mandatory parent orientation the week of June 8th. This will be an introduction to the professors and the STEMBeez board. Details will be provided after sign up. 

Do students need science background knowledge of science?


Am i going to have fun?


What if i miss a session?

After 4 consecutive days of absence, you will be considered dropped out of the program.

STEM Day With STEMBeez

What's STEM Day?

 FREE Event

FREE Event

This is a yearly event that is open to the community. It is held in January around Martin Luther King Day.

Hands on activities

Hands on activities

Each booth at the event provides a hands on experience for all attendees children and parents alike.

Educated by the experts

Educated by the experts

We work with businesses in the community who are experts in their respective STEM Fields.

Recent Activities

STEM Day Goal

Our goal is to expose the younger generation of minorities and those in lower income areas to the STEM field. STEM is not readily accessible in these areas and we would like to provide a day where they have access to them without worry or restriction. We want our attendees to know that STEM education is not out of reach and the community is here to support them.

Contact Us

For any inquiries please email

  • Info@STEMBeez.com

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